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World’s Longest Concert on the Island – Sziget Festival Budapest

July 31, 2007

This year’s Sziget Festival introduces the ‘Open Tisztas’ (open clearing), location for the longest concert of the world. Organizers intend to break the recently established world record for a non-stop concert. The now standing record was clocked in the western Japanese city of Omi, where about 2,000 tunes were performed consecutively over 182 hours.

The Hungarian event starts on August 7, 2007, at 9 AM, at the Guinness Podium Stage (Guinness Podium Szinpad) on the Obuda Island. Over 100 bands, with over 500 musicians will take center stage with 5-minute breaks in between, and will perform over 1,000 tunes consecutively, for over 11580 minutes – 193 hours. Performers will include young talents and seasoned musicians alike, along with such names as Riddim Colony, Timur Lenk, Candy Shop, Tezis, Chuck Norris Action Squad, A harom kismalac (The Three Little Pigs) – and many others.

Source: Napi Turizmus

Riddim Colony Hungary


Riddim Colony
official site – Hungarian, English, w/ sample music.

Chuck Norris Action Squad on MySpace – English, w/ music.

Timur Lenk – Hungarian slang; highly irreverent. You’re going to love it. :-) Music and video clips also available.
Click on “A zene” (the music), then choose one of the bold orange links in the forum.

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.