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24th Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts, Budapest

August 10-17, 2007
Buda Castle and its surroundings

Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts

The Alliance of Folk Art Associations invites tourists and locals, singles, parents and children in the Buda Castle, to participate in one of the most colorful, creative, and active cultural events of the Budapest summer.

At the Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts, the best Hungarian craftsmen and traditional folk artists introduce the secrets of their trade in their active workshops around the Buda Castle, and adults and children alike get a four-day opportunity to test their skills and craftsmanship. Some of the crafts that can be tried out at the event include felting, rush mat and rag doll making, string weaving, leatherwork, paper dipping, clay-working, and pottery. Visitors can also learn about old instruments on the terrace of the Palace of Buda.

Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts Budapest
One of the most most significant forums for the introduction of living folk culture, the Festival combines craftsmanship with music and dance. Apart from Hungarian craftsmen from Transylvania and Voivodina, European and Asian craftsmen will also participate, and musicians and dancers from various parts of the world will entertain guests on the three stages set up at the Festival’s location.

The Festival and traditional fair attracts about 80-100 thousand visitors every year, and it is a significant event where people can experience and gain even more appreciation for the rich cultural traditions of Hungary and the wide world.

Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts Budapest

Images: Photo Gallery and Video from the 2006 and 2004 Festivals

The Alliance of Folk Art Associations Home Page -- Hungarian

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.