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Opusztaszer Paprika Day 2007

October 13, 2007

Paprika is a very special agricultural product in the region of Szeged. Visitors to the Opusztaszer Memorial Park can see traditional tools for paprika processing in the open-air museum all year round; however, on Paprika Day some of the traditional elements of paprika processing are also evoked. The mobile paprika grinder and the foot-pedaled mortar, the "kulu" are re-animated, and visitors have an opportunity to make garlands of red peppers themselves.

The program starts at 12.00 noon in the yard of the Szeged farmstead.

Opusztaszer Paprika Day
The program will include
  • Presentation of various types of paprika
  • Introduction to some of the traditional paprika processing methods
  • “The Szeged Paprika” folklore presentation
  • Paprika grinding
  • Tasting of dishes made with paprika
  • Performance by the folk dance group from Foldeak


Opusztaszeri Nemzeti Torteneti Emlekpark Kht.
H-6767 Opusztaszer
Szoborkert 68

Phone: +36-62-275-133
Fax: +36-62-275-007


Admission ticket:
  • Adults: 2,000 HUF/person
  • Children, senior citizens: 1,500 HUF/person

Parking ticket:
  • Bus: 800 HUF/day
  • Car: 400 HUF/day

More Information:

Phone: +36-62-275-257 Ext.: 121
Open: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Visit also the Memorial Park’s Home Page

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.