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Hungarian International Air Show & Military Exposition

August 11 and 12, 2007

The Hungarian International Air Show & Military Exposition at Kecskemet Air Base promises to be an outstanding event. Besides solo demonstrations of combat aircraft, on this year’s air show pilots of 26 countries and organizations will demonstrate spectacular maneuvers on the Kecskemet sky. As of June 29, 2007, the following countries and organizations have confirmed their participation:

Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the USA, and MALEV, the NATO and Red Bull.


Some of the performers include MiG-29, JAS-39C Gripen, L-39ZO Albatros, F-4F Phantom II, E-3A Sentry AWACS, Tornado, and Bell AH-1 Cobra. For a full list of participating aircraft types, visit the Air Show’s Home Page.

Image: International Air Show & Military Exposition Kecskemet, 2005

Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12, 2007 (The two days’ programs are identical!)

Time: 0730 - 1800

Place: MH 59. Szentgyorgyi Dezso Air Base (Kecskemet, Air Base)

Tickets for the International Air and Military Show 2007 are available starting June 4, 2007, and may bee obtained at post offices and everywhere, where lottery tickets are sold.

Adults -- 3500 HUF
Children under 14 -- 1500 HUF

Prices valid for pre-purchased tickets ONLY. (Tickets purchased before 0:00, August 10, 2007.)

Air Show tickets look and feel identical to lottery tickets, since they are printed on terminals normally printing the lottery tickets. The salesperson will place your Air Show ticket into a brochure containing useful information, in a small bag.

On site admission fee:
Adults -- 4000 HUF
Children under 14 -- 2000 HUF

Tickets purchased at the entrance and everywhere else are identical with those sold in advance. The only difference is the price printed on them. These tickets are also placed in a small bag, together with the brochure.

The ticket contains the price of the parking ticket, the bus fare from and to the parking lots, and insurance.

The tickets are valid for one day of the Air Show -- either Saturday or Sunday -- but they will not indicate the specific date. You can choose freely the day of your attendance.

The organizers encourage everyone to use means of public transportation for their arrival. Please watch for traffic and information signs, and use the beltways should you arrive by car.

According to current plans, the local public transportation company will operate a shuttle service between the railway station and coach terminal and the air base. The fee of this service is NOT included in your ticket. The regular bus service to the airbase will have additional buses in service.

Those who arrive by car will have to face detours and roadblocks in and around Kecskemet. From the morning hours on, the organizers will monitor the traffic (from the air as well), and traffic reports will be available on Gong Radio, FM 96.5 MHz.

If you arrive on M5 Motorway, exit at the 90th km, at Kecskemet-Del (Kecskemet-South), and enter the parking lot along Road 54. You'll be transported by our bus service to the air base, and back to the parking lot.

If you arrive on Road 44
, you will find a parking lot close to the air base, however our bus service will still take you to the entrance and back to the parking lot.

Buses will leave the terminal stops (Air Base and both parking lots) only if they are either full or are instructed to do so by dispatchers. These service buses will have distinguishing marks on them; please remember these marks. This way you should have an easy ride back to your car.

If you arrive from Cegled on Road 441, you will find a parking lot at the northern fence of the Air Base. You can simply walk up to the entrance from there.

If you arrive on Roads 5 and 52, watch for traffic signs, and follow them to the nearest parking lot.

Entering the event:
Entrance is available through 6 gates and 4 checkpoints.
The tickets will be punched at the checkpoints, and you will receive a wristband, which has to be worn the whole day, until you leave the event. Security personnel are entitled to check these bands.

NOTE: The ticket and the wristband are valid for one day only!

Those with a valid ticket, the participants, the VIP guests, and the staff are covered by insurance.

The ticket price includes the insurance. You may receive further information about the conditions in the event booth of the insurance company at the air show.

Your ticket is your insurance policy. Please keep your ticket, since the insurance company recognizes as legitimate customers only those who can present their ticket.

Source and further information can be found at the Air Show’s Home Page.

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The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.