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Schoeffer Museum Kalocsa

Address: 6300 Kalocsa, Szent István király út 76.

Schoeffer Museum Kalocsa, Hungary
Photo: pappani

Nicolas Schoeffer (also Miklos and Nicholas Schoffer), a famous representative of kinetic art -- sculptured works that include motion as a significant dimension -- was born in Kalocsa in 1912 and died in Paris, France in 1992. He donated a represerntative collection of his life's work to the city of Kalocsa in 1979, which is now displayed in a museum established at the artist's birthplace.

Along with the permanent shows displaying Nicolas Schoeffer's kinetic art, two-three temporary exhibitions are also held every year, showing the works of contemporary artists.

Schoeffer Seminars
are organized every other year, with the participation of International artists, writers and musicians.

Schoeffer Museum Kalocsa, Hungary

 Schoeffer Museum Kalocsa, HungarySchoeffer Museum Kalocsa, Hungary

Address: 6300 Kalocsa, Szent István kir. u. 76.
Phone: 36-78/462-253

Open: T - Su, 10.00 - 17.00


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