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The 15th Sziget Festival Budapest

August 7 – 14, 2007

The Sziget (Island) Festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary with its best ever line-up
and a concert from Hungary’s LGT on the eve of the festival.

Sziget Festival 2006 Budapest, Hungary
True to Sziget tradition, there are loads of other things beside music....
Theatre, dance, classical music, cabaret, performances, films, fine art, crafts, literary presentations, programs for kids, sports and other free time activities – basically everything that makes Sziget a unique event in the firmament of international festivals. The 15th anniversary event takes place between August 7 and 15 (including “day zero”).

Main Stage Line-Up

The 2007 Sziget Main Stage presents the strongest ever line up! Blue-eyed reggae, desert rock and roll, indie rock from Las Vegas and London, Norwegian woods, legendary 2-Tone ska, industrial and prog-rock highlights, and much more.

Day 0 – August 7

Special surprise: Locomotiv GT (LGT) makes a rare live appearance.
These local legends, one of the few Hungarian bands to ever make progress beyond the iron curtain in the 1970's, played their last concert in 2002.

Day 1 – August 8

Nitzer Ebb
– electronic-industrial and electric body music (EBM).
Mando Diao – one of the massive spearheads of the potent Scandinavian altrock army.
Quimby – Hungarian cult-alternative band.
Manu Chao – ethno-punk French superstar.

Day 2 – August 9

Kaizer's Orchestra – Eastern and North-European folk and rock (Norway).
Gentleman – with their form of rasta rock from Germany.
The Good, The Bad and The Queen – supergroup headed by Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz.
Chemical Brothers – Who could ask for more?

Day 3 – August 10

Gogol Bordello – freaky gypsy punk renegades who make the move to the main stage for Sziget 2007 after their smashing success at the WAN2 Stage during Sziget 2006.
Laurent Garnier – French techno-god.
Madness – one of the greatest party bands of all time.

Day 4 – August 11

The Rakes – from the British pop scene make their Sziget debut.
The Hives – Swedish garage rockers.
Kispal es a Borz – Hungarian favorites; the leading force of the Hungarian alternative pop-rock scene for almost two decades.
Nine Inch Nails (NIN) – one of the most influential bands of the last 20 years.

Day 5 – August 12

Babylon Circus – potent blend of ska/punk/funk/chanson/folk/afro-beat/reggae!
Les Negresses Vertes

Mano Negra
Manu Chao
Razorlight – who, despite their hit in America, are indeed quite British.
Sinead O'Connor – highly important, exciting, and uncalm leading lady of Irish pop-rock.
Faithless – trailblazers of the British house-pop movement, who'll be making their fourth visit to the Sziget Main Stage.

Day 6 – August 13

Sportfreunde Stiller – German Indie-rocker-footballers.
!!! – new sensation from New York, NY; an eightpiece reminiscent of the days back in the good ol' eighties when the noisy and broken beats of new wave melted into funk.
Tankcsapda (Tank Trap) – Hungary's most popular rock and roll riffers.
Tool – a legend-in-the making.

Day 7 – August 14

The Eagles Of Death Metal – California rocker supergroup.
Juliette Lewis and the Licks – two years ago Lewis and her band rocked the Sziget with what proved to be one of the more memorable Sziget Main Stage gigs of recent years. Chris Cornell – Soundgarden, Audioslave and now some meaty solo material: one great thing after another for twenty years!
The Killers – THE quintessential stadium-rock band. Be there when they make the Sziget Dwellers party Las Vegas style to their catchy, dynamic, and smart pop-rock anthems.

Locomotiv GT (LGT)

Services on the Sziget

  • To provide the most comfortable entertainment for festivalgoers, Sziget is offering a whole range of facilities and services from laundry and left luggage to day care for kids and a post office.
  • ATM machines are available on the site, and you can pay for entry by credit card at the ticket booth at the entrance of the festival.
  • There is a pharmacy, a lost and found, a safe deposit, a 24-hour medical service, a “language first aid tent” (a multilingual information center), information desks and several other services that can make a visitors’ week on the Sziget more comfortable.
  • Organizers encourage festivalgoers to take advantage of public transport, and they also provide shuttle buses, ferries to Pest and Buda, and a taxi service with discount transfer prices for the Sziget visitors.
  • A rent a bike service is also available on the island, and you can leave your bike at a designated bike shed, where if necessary, you can ask for small repairs.
  • Besides the information desks, this year new information boards help you find your way around, and you can also turn to the “mobile” information stewards.


  • Five culinary centers will serve the visitors.
  • A great variety of food from hot-dogs, doughnuts, popcorn, corn on the cob, fruit, pastries, kebabs, sandwiches, sea fish, pizza, mixed grills, pancakes, jacket potatoes, vegetarian, health and bio food, dried fruit, ice cream, and many more.
  • The colorful world of the “nations’ kitchen” is boosted by Mexican cuisine, Brazilian sweets, Italian pastas and traditional “ancient” Hungarian cuisine.
  • And the good news is: the milk bar reopens this year.

Source and up-to-date information in 10 languages: Sziget Festival Home -- Hungarian, English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Slovak.

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.