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Szolnok, the capital of Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County, is situated in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, 62 miles (100 km) southeast of Budapest, at the junction of rivers Tisza and Zagyva. The town is rich in natural resources, the most important of which are the two rivers, with their unique natural environment and abundant flow of thermal water.

The city has a good infrastructure. It receives and transmits traffic on road, rail, and water, and its proximity to the capital city of Budapest qualifies it for commercial and industrial investment. It is connected to Budapest through Main Road 4 (E 60) and a busy railroad, and its waterways on the Tisza are navigable by 650-1000-ton ships.

Szolnok has a very colorful cultural life. The city is known for its Szigliget Theater, its Gallery (Szolnoki Galeria) of fine arts and industrial arts exhibitions, and its Damjanich Janos Museum. It also has an active musical life, represented by local choirs and folk dance groups, including the internationally known Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, the Bela Bartok Chamber Choir, the Kodaly Chorus, the Tisza Dance Ensemble, the Korvinka, the Tallinka, and the Vadvirag (Wild Flower) dance ensembles.

One of the city’s most well known yearly events is the International Goulash Festival (September 7-9, 2007), a late-summer gastronomical fiesta and cultural event that attracts Goulash enthusiasts not only from the neighboring countries but also from all across the globe.

Opportunities for active recreation also abound in Szolnok. Its two rivers invite for boat tours, fishing, or a refreshing swim. The kayak-canoe course built on the Dead-Tisza is suitable for international championships, and the Damjanich indoor and open-air swimming pool is the national citadel of the swimming and water polo sports.

Visit Szolnok, and feel the enchanting atmosphere of the Tiszaliget, or take a walk on the long promenades along the Zagyva and Tisza rivers, a boat-trip on the fair river (Szoke Tisza), or enjoy the Health SPA in Hotel Tisza. Once you get acquainted with the city, you will return for more.


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