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9th Goulash Festival Szolnok

September 7 – 9, 2007

On the weekend of 7 – 9 September 2007, the city of Szolnok will host its 9th International Goulash Cooking and Tradition Preserving Festival (Nemzetkozi Gulyasfozo es Hagyomanyorzo Fesztival). Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to graze their eyes on gastronomic and crafts displays, fill their shopping bags with the colorful products and souvenirs offered by the street vendors, or just enjoy the festive atmosphere around the stage. A fun event for the whole family: the organizers prepared an amusement park as well, to entertain the children.

A few highlights from the program on September 8, 2007

  • Festival Guest of Honor: Embassy of the United States Budapest, Hungary
  • Cooking Contests
  • Mihaly Illyes-Veszti’s attempt to set a record by cooking “The Seven Chieftains Goulash” (Hetvezer Gulyas) in a 13 US gallon (49 liter) clay pot made in Korond, Romania.

Morning events (AM)

9.00 – Performance of the Parajd Wind Instrument Group, Romania (Parajdi Fuvoszenekar es kiserete)
10.00 – Official opening of the Festival. Goulash Festival new signal
10.30 – Songs and stories from Moldavia – Csorompolok (Noise Makers) Ensemble
11.20 – Zsanett Dance Studio
11.40 – Rakoczi Folk Dance Ensemble
12.00 – "Jo ebedhez szol a nota" – Musical accompaniment to a tasty lunch

Afternoon events (PM)

1.00 – Keeping the Roma Tradition program
1.30 – Trampoline Sports demonstration
2.00 – Performance by the Szolnok College Choir (Szolnoki Foiskola enekkara)
2.30 – Polonez Folk Song and Dance Ensemble
3.00 – Aikido Culture Association demonstration
3.20 – Announcements of results of the Speedgun Goal Scoring Competition
3.30 – Performance of the Parajd Wind Instrument Group
4.00 – Announcements of results of the Cooking Competition
5.15 – Evergreen: Bartok Music School Big Band
6.00 – Operetta hits
6.30 – Kornel
7.00 – Nostalgia Disco – rock legends
9.00 – Concert by the KORONA band

Location: Szolnok, Tiszaliget

Full program in Hungarian


Goulash Festival Home – Hungarian, English, German, Polish – not updated!

A sampler of Korond ceramics and crafts

Embassy of the United States Budapest, Hungary

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.