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Lake Tisza

Part of Hortobagy National Park, and a World Heritage site, Lake Tisza is the second largest body of water in Hungary (49 sq miles; 127 km2). It came into existence between 1973 and 1978, when a barrage was constructed at Kiskore, in an attempt to tame the “blonde” Tisza (szőke Tisza), Hungary’s second largest river, which runs down from the Carpathian mountains and capriciously wanders the Great Plains; once wildly tumbling with floods on her mind, next sleepily tarrying in her bed, building soft banks of sandy beaches for her admirers: nature lovers, swimmers, and water sports enthusiasts.


Today’s Lake Tisza is more of a nature reserve than a manmade reservoir. Its sixteen islands surrounded by shiny, smooth water are a favorite stopover for migratory birds, making it an ornithologist’s paradise throughout the year. Records show nearly 200 individual bird species feeding and nesting in the area.

Birdwatchers and nature photographers are invited to join one of the 2-3 hour boating tours departing from the Lake’s 15 jetties. The bird- and plant-life guarantees subjects of amazing beauty from dawn to dusk, every month of the year. …And those who want to get even closer to nature can take the Lake Tisza Water Walk and Trail, winding a mile long (1.5 km) through three connected islands to bird hides and observation towers. (Photo: porb)


With Hungary’s largest interconnected fishing waters, Lake Tisza offers the fishing experience you’ve been looking for. Home to catfish, pike, pike-perch, carp, tench, bream, and many other types of fish, the Lake gives anglers the opportunity to pit their skills and tackle diverse “opponents”, and the various biotopes, the cold and fast-flowing river, the fast-warming shallow bays, and the backwaters provide fishermen with a great variety of challenges. Angling tours have a great tradition at the Lake, and qualified guides and fishing craft await those with a passion for fishing at the jetties.

Fishing on Lake Tisza Hungary

Swimming and water sports

The beaches with gently deepening, quickly warming shallow waters are ideal for families with small children, and the deeper parts of the Lake – around Abadszalok Bay – are suited for water sports such as sailing, water skiing and surfing. Lake Tisza is the only Lake in Europe where you can speed around on powerboat and Jet Ski. Along the riverbank (approximately 50 miles) recreation areas, open-air baths, campsites, three Jet Ski courses, and numerous water sports rental facilities await those with a desire for active relaxation and challenges.


The nearly 44 miles (70 km) long dam surrounding Lake Tisza serves as a natural observation point and takes cyclists around the lake, offering an outstanding view of several natural conservation areas rich in bird life, including the Lake Tisza Bird Reserve. The EuroVelo 11 international cycle route guides tourists with signs from Tiszaujvaros to Nagykoru, and bicycle rental and maps are available at the tourist centers.

…And we didn’t mention yet the thermal baths and spas, the restaurants, the festivals and cultural events around the Lake, but we hope that the above list of things Lake Tisza has to offer have given you an idea about the reason why the Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary.

For the full array of sites, activities, and services, visit Lake Tisza Info

Lake Tisza by foreigners' eyes

Croisi Europe Cruises on the Danube and Tisza

LAKE TISZA -- The magical beauty of unspoilt nature will surprise us. /Lake Tisza is a/ little paradise at the very centre of the so-called Alfold plain; the second largest expanse of water in the country /Hungary/.

The Hortobagy is one of the expanses of prairie called “puszta”, among the largest in Europe (more than 1400 km²). The territory of Hortobagy National Park covers 82,000 hectares, classed since 1999 as a World Cultural Heritage Site. It abounds with incomparable curiosities and treasures in the heart of Europe.


Croisi Europe Cruises: Tisza and the Danube

EuroVelo, the European cycle route network


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