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Come and see the thousand faces of Hungary and the Hungarian culture

Discover the Hidden Treasure of Tiszakurt

Address: 5471 Tiszakürt, Bolza gróf út 5.

Tiszakurt is a village 22 miles (36 km) east of Kecskemet, on Road 44. Its main attraction, the Arboretum once was part of the private property of the Italian Bolza family, but its gates are now open to the public year round. The soothing world of nature’s beauty is waiting for you at Tiszakurt.

Established by Peter Bolza and his brother Joseph, the present-day Arboretum reflects the original concept of its designers: to compose groups of plants that are in harmony with the native hardwood groves of the floodplains. Thus, the castle-park opened to the public in 1962 delights the senses with the view of oak, elm, and ash woods enriched with rarities of trees and shrubs from abroad.

Tiszakurt Arboretum HungaryTiszakurt Arboretum Hungary

The long- and the short path of the 148-acre (60-hectare) property offer a refreshing walk among the robust tree-Methuselahs and other botanical rarities any time of the year. However, the 900 plant species represented in the Tiszakurt public garden show their best appearance in the months of May and October. Spring’s main attractions are the blossoming Asian trees and the spectacular Magnolias, while the bright yellows of the Gingko leaves and Hamemelis flowers, and the tints of gold, crimson, and magenta of the Sweetgum and the Northern Red Oak foliage take center stage in the fall.

Tiszakurt Arboretum HungaryTiszakurt Arboretum Hungary

Along rarities recently introduced, like the Silver Fir, the Bald Cypress, the Blue Spruce, and the Rhododendrons, native species of the Tisza region invite for a relaxing day in the arms of nature. Statues exhibited in the garden are the legacy of the woodcarving camp operated on the premises between 1974 and 1982. Whether you are looking for a beautiful place for active recreation or for a day of peaceful contemplation, Tiszakurt awaits you.

Tiszakurt Arboretum
5471 Tiszakurt
Bolza grof ut 5

Phone: +36-56-568-020

: 8.00 AM – 2.00 PM

Tiszakurt Arboretum HungaryTiszakurt Arboretum Hungary
Photo: pappani

The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.