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Village Overview, 2008

Tiszaug, Szőke Tisza, Holt-Tisza, Hungary, fishing, angling, rural tourism

Tiszaug, a small village with a population of just over 1000, rests in the arms of the „Blonde” Tisza river (Szőke Tisza) and the Holt-Tisza oxbow lake, 120 km south-east of Budapest and 30 km east of Kecskemét. The village has preserved its original features to these days. Its cozy little streets have just recently been discovered by visitors from the neighboring cities.

The Tisza, this river with an unparalleled beauty attracts water sports enthusiasts from near and far, and during Tisza Blooming, a great number of nature lovers come to experience the swarming of the fragile Tisza mayfly.

Cradle of water lilies, the Holt-Tisza oxbow lake offers quiet corners for anglers, and a well-kempt waterside for swimmers and sunbathers. Rental canoes and a snack shop round out the image, and lush green grass invites for a family picnic.

Radvány Károly castle, mansion, Tiszaug, Hungary
The Károly Radvány castle: Szőke Tisza Otthon

Besides the characteristic southern Hungarian village dwellings, Tiszaug’s architecture includes three historic mansions as well:
  • The Károly Radvány castle now houses a social institution, the Szőke Tisza Otthon (closed to the public).
  • The building of today's primary school, formerly the property of Dr. Stefánia Bánhidi (widow of Emil Uchtritz), is said to have been the favorite hunting seat of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II. A secret tunnel opening from under this house is still awaiting to be unearthed.
  • The former home of Ferenc Steer’s widow was transformed into a youth camp, and then, from 1976, it functioned as the office building of the agricultural co-operative. Today it seems to be waiting for someone who would invest into its upkeep and operation.

On the Main Road of Tiszaug, we can see the wooden statue of the shepherd from the plains, work of the local artist, Mrs. Ede Balás. Other works of the ‘golden wreath’ (aranykoszorú) laureate woodworking artist can also be seen at the permanent exhibit in her studio. The establishment of the local village museum is also linked to her name.

Just outside of Tiszaug, we can find a unique grove of wild pear trees and thorn-bushes, a place called the Körtvélyes. The shade of the native wild pear trees offers refuge to birds like the White Heron (Egretta alba, nagykócsag), Montagu's Harrier (Circus pygargus, hamvas rétihéja), and the Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea, szürke gém). On one of the nearby farms gray cattle and water buffaloes can also be seen.

Holt-Tisza beachTiszaug, Hungary, fishing, angling, canoeing, watersports

Some of the homes in the village are specialized as accommodation providers for guests coming to enjoy the wide open spaces of the Hungarian countryside and to partake of the thrills of country living. The guest homes have fireplaces in the backyard for those who enjoy outdoor cooking, and each home has a boat that invites for nature-based activities like fishing, being cradled among the water lilies, or a trip down to the beach. Water-sports enthusiasts can also choose to stay in one of the 22 rooms of Club Hotel Pegasus ***.

This small village blessed with beautiful surroundings is a joy to be at for locals and visitors alike. Come, enjoy a relaxing stay in Tiszaug, and return home with unforgettable memories to share with your loved ones.

Hungarian text and photos: Edit Légrádi
English version: Irén Bencze


Tiszaug on National and historical symbols of Hungary

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