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Tisza Blooming (tiszaviragzas) 2008

June 19 - 20, 2008

The 2008 Tisza Blooming started on the evening of June 16, between Tiszakurt and Tiszainoka. Swarming of the Tisza mayfly usually lasts for about a week, and its intensity varies.

Tisza Blooming (tiszaviragzas) 2008, Tiszakurt Hungary

Hungary is said to be the only place in the world where you can observe the spectacular swarms of long-tailed mayflies, Tisza mayflies (Palingenia longicauda). The Tisza mayfly is the largest mayfly species in Europe, males measuring up to five inches (12 cm) from head to tail. Once fully matured, mayflies have roughly three hours to mate and then die.

The annual summer emergence of the insects on the Tisza River is known as the Tisza Blooming. In 2007, the Tiszakurt Arboretum established a tradition to capture this “explosion to life”. Because it is difficult to predict when exactly in June will the Tisza Blooming occur, staff of the Arboretum and local rangers set up a watch for the place and time of the first swarms of the insect.

In 2008, the first group of about 150 insects appeared on the evening of June 16. From previous years’ experiences, the river is expected to come to “Full Bloom” on Thursday, June 19 and Friday, June 20. Of course, Nature has the last say, but staff of the Arboretum will do their best to entertain arriving guests.

Programs for the two days

16:00: Meet at the main building of the Tiszakurt Arboretum (Directions and map)

16:20: Small lecture about the Tisza mayfly; photographs from last year’s Tisza Blooming

16:40: A 2 km walk along the Tisza River Barrage to Tiszainoka Harbor. Guests can observe the Tisza Blooming from the pier or the docked ferry, or they can choose to board a small boat for 15-20 minutes, and go into the middle of the swarming insects. Head back to the Arboretum before sundown.

20.00: Bacon roast at the campfire. Light conversation, and tasting Tiszazug wine.

If you wish to attend, please notify the organizers, indicating which day you chose to come, and how many people there will be in your company.

Entrance fee to the Arboretum is – 300 HUF/person – and this includes participation in the Tisza Blooming programs.

What to bring: comfortable hiking clothes and shoes; mosquito repellent, if necessary.

Address: 5471 Tiszakurt, Bolza grof ut 5.
Phone: +36-56-568-020, 318-338


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The organizers reserve the right to change the program at any time.